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ASCIA 2022 Conference Report

ASCIA Conference 2022


The ASCIA 2022 Conference was a highly successful hybrid event which was held from Tuesday 30th August to Friday 2nd September, with in-person participation in Melbourne.

The conference attracted more than 600 registered delegates, with around 60 per cent of delegates attending in person, in addition to more than 150 sponsor and exhibitor delegates.

Delegates seemed to welcome their interactions with colleagues for the first time since 2019 at an ASCIA Conference. There were several highlights, including:

Clinical grand rounds (CGR) cases and selected posters were presented on Tuesday 30th August 2022 as a satellite Virtual meeting, with live online Q&A.  A total of 16 prizes of $500 each were awarded at the ASCIA 2022 Conference Closing Function for CGR and poster presentations, and recipients are listed on the ASCIA website:

The ASCIA 2022 Conference was the first hybrid ASCIA Conference, so we have learnt a lot in the process of organising what is essentially two conferences in one. Thank you to the:

  • Organising committee for their work in compiling an outstanding program, and for paticipating as session chairs and speakers. Members - Dr Julian Bosco, A/Prof Theresa Cole, Helen Czech, Prof Jo Douglass, Dr Catherine Hornung, A/Prof Jennifer Koplin, Dr Vicki McWilliam, Dr Sam Mehr, A/Prof Kirsten Perrett, Dr Stephanie Richards, Dr Bella Shadur, Dr Joanne Smart, Dr Dean Tey (Chair). 
  • ASCIA team for managing invitations and confirmations for speakers and chairs; sponsorship and exhibition; program development; communications; dinners; finances; onsite coordination; poster and CGR abstract review, editing and prizes. The ASCIA team includes Jill Smith, Michelle Haskard, Rikki Dunstall and Nadene Dorling.
  • ICMSA team for managing complex onsite and virtual logistics, and more technological challenges than previous ASCIA conferences, with the addition of recordings, the conference platform and app. The ICMSA team includes Siobhan Jensen, Kate Stevens, Jessica Moebus, Emily Glen and Alisha Hayes.

We have received positive and constructive feedback from delegates, sponsors and exhibitors. Whilst we will make modifications in future based on this feedback and data, we will continue with the hybrid model for the ASCIA Annual Conferences in 2023 and 2024, as it has several advantages, including:

  • Ongoing CPD opportunities, with all sessions accessible on demand for six months after the conference.
  • Access to the Friday concurrent sessions on demand for six months after the conference.
  • An interactive program that allows delegates (in-person and virtual) to submit questions online during live Q&A panels in each session.
  • Opportunities for all poster and CGR presentations to be recorded and available on demand for six months after the conference.
  • Sustainability benefits, due to online content versus printing, and accessibility for delegates when travel isn’t possible or feasible. 
  • Access to updates about recent developments in sponsored sessions and the exhibition.

We greatly appreciate the support from the ASCIA 2022 Conference sponsors, which allows ASCIA to provide an outstanding program at a reasonable registration fee. Sponsors and exhibitors are listed at

The ASCIA 2022 Conference week also featured:

We look forward to seeing you at the ASCIA 2023 Conference, which will be held as a hybrid event in Sydney next September.

Kind regards,

Dr Dean Tey Prof Michaela Lucas           Jill Smith 
Chair, ASCIA 2022 Conference         ASCIA President 2020-2022    ASCIA CEO


Content updated October 2022