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TAPID Collaboration

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TAPID collaboration

TAPID (Transplantation and Primary Immunodeficiency [PID]) is an important and ongoing expert collaboration facilitated by ASCIA, between clinical immunologists, transplant physicians and international experts.  A/Prof Theresa Cole is the TAPID coordinator and ASCIA President. TAPID members and publications are listed below. 

The main objective of TAPID is to enable complex PID and transplantation cases to be peer reviewed and discussed in a confidential expert forum and to publish guidelines. Three publications have been developed as a result of this project and it is our intention to develop more publications in future. 

In-person TAPID meetings have been supported by unrestricted educational grants from CSL Behring since 2013.

TAPID meetings

The TAPID collaboration was initiated in May 2013, and since then there have been in-person meetings in February 2014, May 2017, May 2018, May 2019, April 2023 and May 2024.

TAPID Zoom meetings continue to be held from 5.30-6.30pm AEDT or AEST on the 3rd Wednesday of each month (excpet May) and the schedule for 2024 is shown below. 

A TAPID Case Discussion Form needs to be completed for every deidentified case to be discussed and a template form is available here: 

pdfTAPID Case Discussion Form96.15 KB

17th January 2024
21st February 2024
20th March 2024
17th April 2024
Saturday 11th to Sunday 12th May 2024 - In person TAPID meeting, Larwill Hotel, Melbourne VIC Australia
19th June 2024  
17th July 2024
21st August 2024
18th September 2024
16th October 2024
20th November 2024
18th December 2024

TAPID publications

The following publications are included in the ASCIA immunodeficiency reference list :

Richards, S., Gennery, A.R., Davies, G., Wong, M., Shaw, P.J., Peake, J., Fraser,C., Gray, P., Brothers, S., Sinclair, J., Prestidge, T., Preece, K., Quinn, P., Ramachandran, S., Loh, R., McLean-Tooke, A., Mitchell, R., Cole, T., on behalf of ASCIA Transplantation and Primary Immunodeficiency (TAPID) group. (2020). Diagnosis and management of severe combined immunodeficiency in Australia and New Zealand. Journal of Paediatrics and Child Health, 56, 1508–1513.

ASCIA-TAPID Consensus Guideline: Diagnosis, management and transplantation of severe combined   immunodeficiency in Australia and New Zealand. 2019  This Guideline includes information in the published Position Paper (see above) and additional information about transplantation. It is available on the ASCIA website

Cole, T., McLean‐Tooke, A., Loh, R., Quinn, P., Peake, J., Sinclair, J., Gray, P., Wong, M., Smith, J., Davies, G., Gennery, A., Smart, J. (2018). ASCIA transplantation and primary immunodeficiency (TAPID) project. Internal Medicine Journal, 48, Issue S6.

TAPID members

There are currently 213 TAPID members comprised of:

  • ASCIA members (125)
  • Non-ASCIA members (88)

Webpage updated May 2024