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TAPID Collaboration

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TAPID collaboration

TAPID (Transplantation and Primary Immunodeficiency [PID]) is an important and ongoing expert collaboration facilitated by ASCIA, between clinical immunologists, transplant physicians and international experts.  A/Prof Theresa Cole is the TAPID coordinator and ASCIA President. TAPID members and publications are listed below. 

The main objective of TAPID is to enable complex PID and transplantation cases to be peer reviewed and discussed in a confidential expert forum and to publish guidelines. Three publications have been developed as a result of this project and it is our intention to develop more publications in future. 

In-person TAPID meetings have been supported by unrestricted educational grants from CSL Behring since 2013.

TAPID meetings

The TAPID collaboration was initiated in May 2013, and since then there have been in-person meetings in February 2014, May 2017, May 2018, May 2019 and April 2023.

The next in-person TAPID meeting will be held in Melbourne 11-12 May 2024 and a registration form is available here:
pdfTAPID Meeting Regn 11-12 May 2024100.14 KB

TAPID Zoom meetings continue to be held from 5.30-6.30pm AEDT or AEST on the 3rd Wednesday of each month and the schedule for 2024 is shown below. On Saturday 29th April 2023 a face to face TAPID meeting was held with 50 participants.

A TAPID Case Discussion Form needs to be completed for every deidentified case to be discussed and a template form is available here: 

pdfTAPID Case Discussion Form96.15 KB

17th January 2024
21st February 2024
20th March 2024
17th April 2024
Saturday 11th to Sunday 12th May 2024 - In person TAPID meeting, Larwill Hotel, Melbourne VIC Australia
19th June 2024  
17th July 2024
21st August 2024
18th September 2024
16th October 2024
20th November 2024
18th December 2024

TAPID publications

The following publications are included in the ASCIA immunodeficiency reference list :

Richards, S., Gennery, A.R., Davies, G., Wong, M., Shaw, P.J., Peake, J., Fraser,C., Gray, P., Brothers, S., Sinclair, J., Prestidge, T., Preece, K., Quinn, P., Ramachandran, S., Loh, R., McLean-Tooke, A., Mitchell, R., Cole, T., on behalf of ASCIA Transplantation and Primary Immunodeficiency (TAPID) group. (2020). Diagnosis and management of severe combined immunodeficiency in Australia and New Zealand. Journal of Paediatrics and Child Health, 56, 1508–1513.

ASCIA-TAPID Consensus Guideline: Diagnosis, management and transplantation of severe combined   immunodeficiency in Australia and New Zealand. 2019  This Guideline includes information in the published Position Paper (see above) and additional information about transplantation. It is available on the ASCIA website

Cole, T., McLean‐Tooke, A., Loh, R., Quinn, P., Peake, J., Sinclair, J., Gray, P., Wong, M., Smith, J., Davies, G., Gennery, A., Smart, J. (2018). ASCIA transplantation and primary immunodeficiency (TAPID) project. Internal Medicine Journal, 48, Issue S6.

TAPID members

There are currently 213 TAPID members who are listed below.

ASCIA members (125)

Dr Fuad Abbas WA
Dr Caroline Allan NZ
A/Prof Rohan Ameratunga NZ
Dr Anthea Anantharajah NZ
Dr Samara Baldwin WA
Dr Samantha Bannister VIC
Dr Tatjana Banovic SA
Dr Russell Barker NZ
Dr Thomas Beaton NZ/QLD
Jan Belcher NSW
Dr Nicola Benwell WA
Dr Rani Bhatia NSW
Dr Annaliesse Blincoe NZ
Dr Julian Bosco VIC
Dr Isabelle Bosi NSW
Dr Jack Bourke WA
Dr Tim Brettig VIC
Dr Maia Brewerton NZ
Dr Shannon Brothers NZ
Dr Adrian Buzynski WA
Dr Fenfen Cai NSW
Prof Dianne Campbell NSW
Dr Damien Chan SA
Dr Lydia Chan NZ
Dr Josh Chatelier VIC
Dr Kritika Chetty VIC
Dr Abigail Cheung SA
Dr Ke Li Chow NZ
Dr Ignatius Chua NZ
A/Prof Theresa Cole VIC (Chair)
Dr Clementine David NSW
Dr Kathryn Dawes NSW
Dr Theo DeMalmanche NSW
Prof Jo Douglass VIC
Dr Luke Droney QLD
Ms Rachael Dunn WA
Ms Geraldine Dunne NSW
Dr Marianne Empson NZ
Dr Elizabeth Forbes QLD
Dr Lara Ford NSW
Dr Katie Frith NSW
Dr Jacqui Gale NZ
Dr David Gillis QLD
Dr Daniel Goh NSW
Dr Paul Gray NSW
A/Prof Pravin Hissaria SA
Dr Kuang-Chih Hsiao NZ
Dr Peter Hsu NSW
Dr Benedicta Itotoh WA
Dr Catherine Jepp WA
Dr Henning Johannsen SA
A/Prof Alyson Kakakios OAM NSW
Dr Ashisha Kallukaran QLD
Dr Alisa Kane NSW
Dr Jovanka King WA
Dr Shruti Kohli NSW
Dr Kuang-Chih Hsiao NZ
Dr Aimee Huynh QLD
Dr Michael Lane QLD
Dr Daman Langguth QLD
Dr Edward Lea NZ
Dr Ryan Leang VIC
Dr Wei-I Lee ACT
Dr Maggie Li NSW
Dr Ming-Wei Lin NSW
Dr Karen Lindsay NZ
A/Prof Richard Loh WA
Dr Paxton Loke VIC
A/Prof Hilary Longhurst NZ
Prof Michaela Lucas WA
Dr Gabrielle Mahoney VIC
Dr Tracy Markus WA
Dr Jeremy McComish VIC
Dr Andrew McLean-Tooke WA
Dr Peter McNaughton QLD
Dr Sam Mehr VIC
Dr James Mehrtens NZ
Dr Mariana Melo QLD
Ms Natasha Moseley WA
Dr Mahila Namasivayam NSW
Dr Alan Nguyen QLD
Dr Katherine Nicholls VIC
Dr Melissa Norman NSW
Dr Tess O'Gorman WA 
Dr Samar Ojaimi VIC
Dr Elize O'Reilly QLD
Dr Michael O'Sullivan WA
Dr Karrnan Pathmanandavel NSW
Dr Julia Payne VIC
Dr Jane Peake QLD
Dr Alberto Pinzon QLD
Dr Kahn Preece NSW
Dr Arthur Price NZ
Dr Phillippa Pucar SA
Dr Patrick Quinn SA
Dr Christiane Remke WA
Dr Stephanie Richards VIC
Prof Peter Richmond WA
A/Prof Kristina Rueter WA
Dr Sabeena Selvarajah VIC
Dr Prerna Samtini NSW
Dr Bella Shadur VIC
Dr Jan Sinclair NZ
Dr Charlotte Slade VIC
Dr Joanne Smart VIC
Dr Stephanie Stojanovic VIC
Ms Anna Sullivan QLD
Dr Shruti Swamy NSW
Dr Michael Taggart VIC
Dr Ju Ann Tan NT
Dr David Thai VIC
Dr Meera Thalayasingam WA
Dr Sarah Thang QLD
Dr Grace Thompson WA
Dr Alexander Troelnikov SA
Dr Gary Unglik VIC
Mr Ben Van Dort VIC
Dr Mounavi Vemula QLD
Dr Brynn Wainstein NSW
Dr Sophie Willcocks QLD
Dr Melanie Wong NSW
Dr Virginia Wootton QLD
Prof John Ziegler AM NSW
Non-ASCIA members (88)
Dr Jasmin Alloo NZ
Mr Frank Alvaro NSW
Dr Imogen Andrews QLD
Dr Shankar Anand QLD
Dr Krishanthi Ariyawansa QLD
Ms Rebecca Beardmore QLD
Dr Angela Berkhout VIC
Dr Danielle Blunt SA
Dr Emily Blyth NSW
Dr Alice Brewer NSW
Dr David Brown NSW
Dr Catriona Buchanan WA
Dr Siobhan Burns UK
Dr Tina Carter WA
Dr Vasant Chinnabhandar WA
Dr Kimberly Chung QLD
Dr Julia Clark QLD
Dr Catherine Cole WA
Dr Rachel Conyers VIC
Dr Fionnuala Cox VIC
Dr Graham Davies UK
Dr David Deambrosis QLD
Dr Mayank Dhamija WA
Dr Yean Ewe WA
Dr Jacqueline Fleming VIC
Dr David Foley WA
Dr Timothy Ford WA
Dr Lucy Fox VIC
Dr Chris Fraser QLD
Dr Eliska Furlong WA
Ms Sophie Fynes-Clinton QLD
Dr Melissa Gabriel NSW
Dr Julia Gardner TAS
Dr Andy Gennery UK
Dr Andrew Grigg VIC
Dr Nada Hamad NSW
Dr Diane Hanna VIC 
Dr Muirin Healy QLD
Dr Laine Hosking VIC
Dr Jonathan Holzmann QLD
Dr David Hughes VIC
Dr Danielle Jeays QLD
Dr Elizabeth Kang USA
Dr Steven Keogh NSW
Dr John Kwan NSW
Belinda Meares NSW
Dr Richard Mitchell NSW
Kay Montgomery NSW
Prof John Moore NSW
Dr Emma Morris UK
Dr Saravanan Muthusamy WA
Dr Leonie Naeije NZ
Dr Adam Nelson NSW
Dr Huan Ng NZ
Dr Michelle Ng WA
Dr Jenna Nunn QLD
Dr Manika Pal SA
Dr Madeleine Powys NSW
Dr Tim Prestidge NZ
Dr Marsus Pumar VIC
Dr Duncan Purtill WA
Dr Laura Raiti VIC
Dr Shanti Ramachandran WA
Dr Sanjana Rangi QLD
Dr David Routledge VIC
Dr Anthony Schwarer VIC
Dr Joshua Serov QLD
Dr Peter Shaw NSW
Ms Jill Shergold QLD
Dr Mary Slatter UK
Dr Trisha SooshayRaj QLD
Dr Shampavi Sriharan QLD
Dr William Stevenson NSW
Dr Heather Tapp SA
Dr Lochie Teague NZ
Dr Sara Toofanian QLD
Dr Toby Trahair NSW
Dr Sarah Trinder WA
Dr Rebekah Turner QLD
Dr Stacie Wang VIC
Dr Daniel White SA
Dr Barbara Withers NSW
Dr Eric Wong VIC
Dr Shu Wong VIC
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