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Information updates

Updated ASCIA eczema resources

ASCIA has recently updated its online eczema (atopic dermatitis) resources to assist health professionals and patients/carers to treat and manage eczema. These resources now include information about treatment of severe eczema using immune modulating treatments.

The following updated resources are now on the ASCIA website:

ASCIA online eczema resources have been developed to assist with:

  • Treatment of severe eczema (including the use of immune modulating treatments) and eczema flares.
  • Ongoing management of eczema, including maintaining skin to prevent or minimise eczema flares.
  • Providing accessible, consistent and evidence-based information from a reliable source.

Each month there are around 1,500 downloads of ASCIA online eczema resources. ASCIA will continue to review and update these resources as new information is available.

*ReadSpeaker is available on the ASCIA webpages for patients, consumers and carers, to improve access for people with:

  • Vision impairment, limited reading ability or learning disabilities, by allowing text to speech (TTS).
  • Non-English speaking backgrounds - information can be translated into 20 different languages by highlighting the text and selecting 'translate’.