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Updated ASCIA Dietary Avoidance for Food Allergy FAQ - December 2023

ASCIA Dietary Avoidance for Food Allergy Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) has been updated in December 2023 to include a QR code which links to short, easy to understand videos about how to read and understand food labels for food allergy. These vidoes are on the National Allergy Council Food Allergy Education website

ASCIA Dietary Avoidance for Food Allergy FAQ should be used with each of the ASCIA Dietary Guides listed below, which have also been updated in 2023 to include:

  • Links to patient/carer support organisations at the top of each guide.
  • ReadSpeaker, which enables translations by highlighting the text, clicking on 'translate’ and selecting the language. ReadSpeaker also provides text to speech for people who are vision impaired or have limited reading ability.

Each Guide listed below can be accessed at

  1. ASCIA Dietary Guide for Cow's Milk Protein (Dairy Allergy) Updated June 2023
  2. ASCIA Dietary Guide for Cow's Milk Protein (Dairy) and Soy Allergy Updated June 2023
  3. ASCIA Dietary Guide for Egg Allergy Updated June 2023
  4. ASCIA Dietary Guide Fish Allergy Updated June 2023
  5. ASCIA Dietary Guide for Peanut Allergy Updated June 2023
  6. ASCIA Dietary Guide for Sesame Allergy Updated June 2023
  7. ASCIA Dietary Guide for Shellfish Allergy Updated June 2023
  8. ASCIA Dietary Guide for Soy Allergy Updated June 2023
  9. ASCIA Dietary Guide for Tree Nut Allergy Updated June 2023
  10. ASCIA Dietary Guide for Wheat Allergy Updated June 2023
This news item was issued on 6 December 2023 by Jill Smith, CEO of ASCIA, the peak professional body of clinical immunology/allergy specialists in Australia and New Zealand.