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New Nip allergies in the Bub infant feeding videos

The National Allergy Strategy has developed a new series of short videos to help parents feed their babies the common allergy causing foods, as part of the Nip allergies in the Bub allergy prevention program.

Four videos have been developed (one for each stage of feeding development), which demonstrate how to prepare recipes taken from the Nip allergies in the Bub recipe booklet. One of the key recipes included in the first foods video is how to prepare a nut and seed mix, making sure the nuts and seeds are finely ground to prevent choking.

Click here to view the videos.

The Nip allergies in the Bub recipe booklet has also been updated. We have also updated to include photos of the recipes that are featured in the videos.

Click here to view the recipe booklet.

The Nip allergies in the Bub website  has undergone a major review to make sure the content is consistent with the latest food allergy prevention evidence-base and best-practice. ReadSpeaker has also been added to the website to allow for content to be read aloud and/or translated into more than 20 languages.

The Nip allergies in the Bub allergy prevention program is based on ASCIA Guidelines for Infant Feeding and Allergy Prevention. A new Australian allergy prevention study shows that prevention measures, as outlined in the ASCIA Guidelines, are having a measurable impact on the population prevalence of food-related anaphylaxis presentations to hospital. To read more go to

This news item was issued on 1 March 2022 and updated on 12 April 2022 by Jill Smith, CEO of the Australasian Society of Clinical Immunology and Allergy (ASCIA). ASCIA is the peak professional body for clinical immunology and allergy in Australia and New Zealand.