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Change to My Health Record COVID-19 Pathology Reports

8 January 2021

As part of the Australian Government’s pandemic response, a change has been made in the My Health Record system so that COVID-19 pathology reports are available to consumers in their My Health Record sooner. This change has been made in consultation with industry and government stakeholders. During the pandemic, timely delivery of COVID-19 test results to patients is crucial in containing the spread of the virus.

From 21 December 2020, if a pathology service uploads reports to My Health Record, any COVID-19 reports will be available after 24 hours to consumers who have a My Health Record. This is a convenient way to access results in addition to the direct notification already sent. Prior to 21 December 2020, when a pathology or diagnostic imaging report was uploaded to My Health Record, it was not available for viewing by consumers in their record until 7 days later.

All other pathology reports uploaded to My Health Record will continue to be available after seven days, giving clinicians time to check the report first and contact their patient about the results, if needed.

A review of the change will be conducted after 3 months.