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Alfamino® Formula for Infants with Cow's Milk Allergy - July 2023

Nestlé Health Science has advised that they will be out of stock of the current recipe of Alfamino® 400g specialised formula for infants with cow's milk allergy  from around mid-July until the end of August 2023. They expect that it will be available again in pharmacies around early September.

pdfAlfamino stock notification for parents and carers114.08 KB

Nestlé Health Science is aware of the difficulties this will pose for some parents and caregivers, and apologise for this situation.  

Alfamino® infant formula has a new recipe. Nestlé Health Science awaits PBS listing confirmation for this product to be able to supply it through pharmacies at the PBS subsidised price. In the interim period, the new recipe Alfamino® will be available to parents and caregivers through the online Nestlé Baby Store Products – Nestlé Baby Store ( The new recipe Alfamino® continues to be an amino acid based infant formula for infants (0-12 months) with severe cow’s milk protein allergy, eosinophilic oesophagitis, intestinal malabsorption and/or multiple food intolerances. Parents and carers should speak to their healthcare professional for advice. For more information, contact Nestlé Health Science Consumer Services on 1800 671 628.  

ALFAMINO® is an infant formula product for special dietary use and must be used under medical supervision. It is not suitable for general use.

The ASCIA Guide for Milk Substitutes in Cow’s Milk Allergy provides information about safe, nutritionally equivalent alternatives for infants with cow’s milk allergy, if a particular specialised formula is not available due to supply issues.. The ASCIA Guide is available at 

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Breast milk is best for babies and provides ideal nutrition.  Good maternal nutrition is important for the preparation and maintenance of breastfeeding.  Introducing partial bottle feeding could negatively affect breastfeeding and reversing a decision not to breastfeed is difficult.  Professional advice should be followed on infant feeding.  Infant formula should be prepared and used exactly as directed or it could pose a health hazard.  The preparation requirements and weekly cost of providing infant formula until 12 months of age should be considered before making a decision to formula feed. Mothers should be encouraged to continue breastfeeding even when their infants have cow’s milk protein allergy. If a decision to use an infant formula for special dietary use is taken, it must be used under medical supervision.

This news item was issued on 17 July 2023 by Jill Smith, CEO of ASCIA, the peak professional body for clinical immunology and allergy in Australia and New Zealand.