Medical Associates

ASCIA Medical Associate members are medical practitioners (registered in Australia or New Zealand) who work in the area of allergy, but are not clinical immunology/allergy specialists. They include general practitioners, paediatricians, respiratory specialists,  anaesthetists and ear, nose and throat (ENT) specialists.

Dr Victoria Smith is the current Chair of the Medical Associates committee and is represented on ASCIA Council. Dr Nick Cooling is Honorary Secretary of the committee and the chairs of the ASCIA Medical Associate interest groups are as follows:

Medical Associate update sessions have been held at the ASCIA Annual Conferences in 2018 (Canberra) and in 2019 (Perth).  At the ASCIA 2020 Conference the Medical Associate Allergy Update is scheduled for Friday 4th September at the Melbourne Convention Centre.

ASCIA Medical Associate members are listed in the ASCIA membership directory on the members section of the ASCIA website (Members only access - login to view)

 Content created November 2019