ASCIA-DAA CAL Dietitians Course   

The next ASCIA-DAA CAL Food Allergy and Intolerance Course for dietitians is scheduled for May 2020, in Mebourne (dates and venue tbc). This course has now been held three times:

ASCIA Dietitians Forum

ASCIA Dietitians Forum is now available on the ASCIA website. To access the forum you must be logged in and then go to

The main role of the forum is to enhance communication between dietitians who are ASCIA Associate members, and provide opportunities for online discussions about current issues regarding food allergies.

The forum is moderated by the current Chair of the ASCIA Dietitians committee and representative on ASCIA Council, Kathy Beck.

ASCIA Dietitians Committee

The purpose of the ASCIA Dietitians committee is to:

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