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Subcutaneous Immunoglobulin (SCIg) Equipment Checklist

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The following items are required prior to each infusion: 

  • Syringe pump (if needed)

  • Cool pack, numbing (anaesthetic) cream and adhesive dressing (if needed)

  • Giving set – as instructed by your nurse specialist
    (e.g. Neria, High Flo, Butterfly, Softglide) 

  • Drawing up needle (Hizentra® or CUVITRU®) or vial adapter (Evogam®)

  • Immunoglobulin product (Hizentra®, Evogam® or CUVITRU®)

  • Alcohol swabs, cotton wool ball (if needed), surgical tape

  • Luer lock syringe

  • Sharps bin

  • Infusion diary
  • Treatment plan (including contact details for ordering equipment and product)

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