Allergy Treatments

Fast Facts about allergy treatments can be found here:
Adrenaline for severe allergies
pdfASCIA PCC Adrenaline for severe allergies 2019144.9 KB

Allergen minimisation 
pdfASCIA PCC Allergen minimisation 2019148.08 KB

Allergen immunotherapy 
pdfASCIA PCC Allergen immunotherapy 2019153.65 KB 

Oral immunotherapy (OIT) for food allergy
pdfASCIA PCC OIT Food Allergy 2019122.26 KB

Transitioning from paediatric to adult care for severe allergies 
pdfASCIA PCC Anaphylaxis Checklist Transitioning paediatric to adult care 201991.47 KB 
A range of ASCIA treatment and action plans are available on the ASCIA website: 
These are all medical documents that need to be completed by a medical or nurse practitioner.

Content updated May 2019