ASCIA Annual Nurses Day

The ASCIA 2019 Nurses Update was held on Friday 6 September 2019 at the Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre, as part of the ASCIA 2019 Conference.

In 2020 the ASCIA 2020 Nurses and Dietitians Update will be held in Friday 4 September 2020 at the Melbourne Convention Centre, as part of the ASCIA 2020 Conference.

ASCIA Nurses Forum

The ASCIA Nurses Forum is now available on the ASCIA website. To access to the forum you need to be logged in and then go to 

The main role of this forum is to enhance communication between nurses who are ASCIA Associate members, and  provide opportunities for online discussions about current issues regarding allergy and clinical immunology.

This forum is moderated by the current Chair of the ASCIA Nurses committee and representative on ASCIA Council, Sacha Palmer.

Professional Certificate in Allergy Nursing

The online course (16 weeks) and clinical placement enables students to develop the knowledge, skills and attitudes to confidently and competently manage patients with allergic conditions across the lifespan. For more details go to 

ASCIA Nurse Special Interest Groups

The following ASCIA Nurse special interest groups (SIG) allow ASCIA (Associate) Nurse members to share information, brainstorm and obtain feedback relating to their work in allergy and immunology. If you are an ASCIA Associate (Nurse) member and would like to join one of these groups please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

ASCIA Dermatology Nurses SIG - chaired by Jan Belcher

Projects in 2018 have included the review of the new ASCIA eczema e-training course for health professionals.

ASCIA Immunoglobulin Replacement Therapy (IRT) Nurses SIG – chaired by Rachael Dunn

Projects include further development of SCIg training resources and other resources for IRT and PID.

ASCIA Nurse Practitioner SIG – chaired by Naomi Fenton 

Projects include development of a Scope of Practice for Nurse Practitioners working in allergy and immunology. 

ASCIA Paediatric Allergy Nurses SIG – chaired by Val Noble

Issues for discussion include Intradermal testing and food allergen challenges.

ASCIA Research Nurses SIG – chaired by Carolina Valerio

Topics for discussion include types of research studies that nurses are involved in and issues that arise in conducting these studies.

Content updated November 2019