ASCIA Past Presidents

Since ASCIA was formed in 1990, ASCIA Presidents have provided strong leadership. This has resulted in an extremely solid foundation for ASCIA, that has enabled innovation and growth.  

Tony Basten

Prof Tony Basten AO 1990-1992

 Prof Dan Czarny

A/Prof Dan Czarny 1992-1994

Connie Katelaris

Prof Connie Katelaris AM 1994-1996

Bob Heddle

A/Prof Robert Heddle 1996-1998

Ron Walls

A/Prof Ron Walls AM 1998-2000

Roger Garsia

Dr Roger Garsia 2000-2002

 David Gillis

Dr David Gillis 2002-2004

Karl Baumgart

Dr Karl Baumgart 2004-2006

Dominic Mallon

Prof Dominic Mallon 2006-2008


Dr Ray Mullins 2008-2010

Jo Douglass

Prof Jo Douglass 2010-2012

Richard Loh

A/Prof Richard Loh 2012-2014

 Melanie Wong

Dr Melanie Wong 2014-2016
 William Smith
Dr William Smith 2016-2018


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