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Position Statement - Packaged Foods for Infants that Contain Most of the Common Food Allergens

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Packaged foods for infants that contain most of the common food allergens are commercially available for online purchase. These products are designed to be added to infant food, or as snacks, to aid with the inclusion of common food allergens in the infant’s diet.

Key Points:

  1. To be consistent with ASCIA Guidelines, packaged foods for infants that contain most of the common food allergens should NOT be used for introduction of common food allergens.
  2. If parents in Australia and New Zealand choose to use these products, they should ONLY be used as a convenience product once all of the most common food allergens have already been introduced.
  3. ASCIA recommends feeding infants a variety of solid foods, as part of family meals to provide a nutritional and diverse diet. Using these products may be unnecessary and costly if common food allergens are regularly included in family meals.

ASCIA Guidelines for Infant feeding and Allergy Prevention state:

ASCIA has the following concerns about infant feeding products containing multiple food allergens:

Further information:

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