Information updates

Updated ASCIA Action Plans

Following an extensive review process by the ASCIA anaphylaxis committee, ASCIA Action Plans have been updated.  The 2021 versions of the following plans are now available at

ASCIA Action Plans and First Aid Plans 2021The main change to the 2021 ASCIA Action Plans is that the number of positioning images has increased from three to five:

Other changes that have been made in response to requests by several reviewers are as follows:

Current ASCIA Action Plans are the 2021 versions, however, the 2020 and 2018 versions are still valid for use throughout 2021. ASCIA Action Plans do not expire, and therefore the plan is still valid beyond the recommended review date, which is a guide for patients to see their doctor.

ASCIA First Aid Plans for Anaphylaxis (ORANGE) EpiPen®, Anapen® and Generic versions have been updated to be consistent with the 2021 ASCIA Action Plans and are also available at