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Information updates

Shortage of venom immunotherapy products: honey bee, paper wasp and yellow jacket - Supply update from Stallergenes Greer

13 April 2018: 

As communicated in March 2018, events overseas have impacted the ability of Stallergenes Greer to supply venom immunotherapy products to Australia and New Zealand.  The first direct shipment of venom products from JHS to Australia has now arrived, and ASCIA has received the following advice:

Honey Bee venom

Please note: only orders for the “Hymenoptera” brand of honey bee venom will be processed at this time. Customers with backorders for the “Albey” brand honey bee venom are advised to contact their wholesaler and request these orders be changed to “Hymenoptera” or cancelled as appropriate. For any assistance, contact the Stallergenes Greer Customer Service team on 1800 824 166 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Paper Wasp venom

Yellow Jacket venom

For any further assistance, please contact Stallergenes Greer according to the information set out below:

Stallergenes Greer understands the impact of this shortage on both patients and prescribers, and are committed to ensuring reliable supply of these important products into Australia and New Zealand on an ongoing basis.

Further updates will be provided to the ASCIA community as soon as more information is available.