Information updates

MyEpiPen® Patient Support Program

Australia’s 35,000-member EpiClub® program has been revamped and rebranded by Viatris (formerly Mylan) as the MyEpiPen® Patient Support Program.

Benefits for patients who join MyEpiPen® include:

To access MyEpiPen® go to

Patients in New Zealand are currently on a separate EpiClub® NZ site, and will transition to  MyEpiPen® in the near future.

ASCIA 2021 Virtual Conference registered delegates can attend the following Viatris sponsored sessions, as shown on page 10 of the ASCIA 2021 Conference Program Book

Thursday 2nd September, 9-9.45 AEST, ‘Risk Multipliers for Anaphylaxis’ presented by Prof Pete Smith.

Friday 3rd September 9-9.45 AEST, ‘Classic Hayfever, Local Allergic Rhinitis and Nasal Hyper-Reactivity: Sorting out Nasal Symptoms and Treatments’ presented by Prof Richard Harvey.

Register for the ASCIA 2021 Virtual Conference at