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Information updates

How to remove ticks to prevent allergic reactions

8 May 2018

The ASCIA website article on tick allergy has been updated to highlight the following information on how to remove ticks to prevent allergic reactions.

To prevent allergic reactions to ticks do NOT forcibly remove the tick. Disturbing the tick may cause the tick to inject more allergen-containing saliva. The options are to:

  1. Leave tick in place and seek medical assistance; OR
  2. Freeze tick (using a product that rapidly freezes and kills the tick) and allow to drop off.

Allergic reactions to ticks range from mild (with large local swelling and inflammation at the site of a tick bite) to severe (anaphylaxis)

While the “tick season” is often considered to range from around February to August, when adults ticks are more prevalent, ticks are present all year round. Therefore the risk of exposure to ticks remains throughout the entire year, particularly on the east coast of Australia, with known populations of ticks. 

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