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Information updates


16 March 2020:  

In response to the COVID-19 infectious respiratory disease outbreak caused by the most recently discovered coronavirus, ASCIA has developed a number of resources, including a new open access ASCIA webpage dedicated to COVID-19 information. The situation regarding COVID-19 is rapidly changing so the content of the webpage is regularly reviewed and updated. It includes links to the following information: 

COVID-19 and the ASCIA 2020 Conference | ASCIA COVID-19 FAQ and other Resources | Further Information, News and Publications | COVID-19 and Telehealth

COVID-19 and the ASCIA 2020 Conference

ASCIA is closely monitoring the COVID-19 outbreak in relation to the ASCIA 2020 Conference, scheduled for the first week of September 2020 in Melbourne. Given the rapidly evolving situation in Australia and New Zealand, registrations will be deferred until May 2020 at this stage. ASCIA will take every necessary step to take care of the health and wellbeing of the community, and will continue to provide regular updates as circumstances evolve. If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact us. 

ASCIA COVID-19 FAQ and other Resources

ASCIA has developed the following information for patients, which is available on the ASCIA COVID-19 webpage :

COVID-19, Immunodeficiency and Immunosuppression 

There is currently limited information available about COVID-19, immunodeficiency and immunosuppression. To expand knowledge in this area and improve patient care, ASCIA is involved in the following initiatives: