NPS MedicineWise Immunoglobulin Consortium

A new grant will fund a project which will increase national efforts to improve health outcomes for patients prescribed immunoglobulin products. This project involves the National Prescribing Service (NPS) MedicineWise and a consortium of health organisations, including ASCIA and SHPA (Society of Hospital Pharmacists of Australia). 

The grant was awarded to NPS MedicineWise under the Australian Government’s Value in Prescribing program (Immunoglobulin Products stream). 

The funding will see NPS MedicineWise working with the National Blood Authority and  stakeholders to develop and deliver educational resources, tools and interventions to support clinicians in optimising the use of precious immunoglobulin products, as well as to educate consumers on the role of these products. The project may expand to include other consortium partners and is being managed in collaboration with the Australian Government Department of Health and the National Blood Authority.

The substantial annual growth in immunoglobulin use, both in Australia and internationally, together with the relatively high cost of immunoglobulin products and the potential for supply shortages mean that good governance, education and quality improvement are essential to ensure that use remains appropriate, consistent and evidence-based.

This project supports a viable and sustainable immunoglobulin prescribing system by promoting appropriate use of these valuable resources.

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Content created 16 December 2019